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Patriot 1st Stage Carcass Drums

BPS Patriot first stage drums are available for direct replacement of aging WYKO REC -1 and -3 style drums.  Technological improvements for these direct replacements have been incorporated into our new BPS designs to eliminate known failure points in existing drums.

These carcass drums redefine the category in terms of efficiency, durability and uniformity while remaining price competitive.

  • Low initial TIR – .003-.006” (vs industry norm of .008-,010”)
  • Consistent Tolerances – Hardened shells and rigid steel bushings in pillar system
  • Four Poppets – for even total pressure distribution and consistent locking pressure at full expand
  • Stability Lock – Hook shaped door fingers lock assembly to prevent twisting and deformation
  • Measurable uniformity gains with consistent results
  • Improved Collapse Ratio – pillar style internals allow for greater collapse without internal interference
  • Robust Gearless Design – extends production life and reduces weight by 15-20%
  • Sealed Lubrication – lubrication is fully segregated from package to eliminate contamination
  • Compatible with most existing machines
  • Scalable for bead sizes from passenger and LT to OTR and AG
  • Lower cost through initial investment, service life and reduced cast off
  • Comprehensive pre-delivery inspection – ready for operation on delivery
  • Spare parts available for internal rebuild programs or service contracts available from BPS

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