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XHR Transfer Rings

Our XHR Transfer Rings (O-Rings) feature patented technology that insures greater uniformity and longer operating life while automatically adjusting for changes in package diameter.  BPS XHR T-Rings offer greater operating range than competing designs.  The link assembly operates vai a robust common cam path that guarantees concentricity at all build diameters.  Efficient packaging allows retro-fitment to existing machines with limited operating envelopes and generally offer greater range in a smaller overall package.  XHR T-Rings never require shoe swaps, link swaps or shims.

XHR T-Rings use a 13-shoe configuration.  Internal and client testing has shown this to be the optimal number of shoes to achieve neutral harmonics and consistent grip.  While it is theoretically possible to offer a greater number of touch points the data shows that doing so only provides additional complexity, degradation in motion control and no measurable gains in tire quality. In this regard, more is not always better.  BPS lets the science of tire building govern product design.

All of our XHR T-Rings feature BPS Engineering’s SoftTouch™ technology for a sure grip with no degradation of package integrity and are available with our patented two-stage re-gripping system for perfect preservation of package shape.  All XHR T-Rings are 5-axis adjustable for perfect fine tuning of alignment on installation.

  • Thirteen shoe designs for frequency stabilization
  • Robust cam path assembly eliminates wear and arm wobble
  • 5-axis mounting adjustment includes X, Y, Z, yaw and rotational adjustment for easy alignment
  • Proven reliability over decades of in-service time
  • Patented two-stage re-gripping system available
  • Can be purchased as a matched set with XHR drums or fitted to work with all existing drums
  • Compatibility with all brands of existing tire building machine
  • Comprehensive pre-delivery inspection for static and operating tolerances
  • Ready for operation on delivery
  • Retro-fit mounting for all existing machines and voltage requirements
  • 100% USA parts and assembly

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