BPS Engineering is proud to be the only US owned and operated manufacturing facility serving the world’s tire manufacturing industry with state-of-the-art tire building equipment, support parts, engineering and machine services.  We cover all tooling applications from passenger and LT to OTR, Agricultural, Aircraft and Specialty tires.

Our products include first and second stage tire building drums, transfer rings, material rollers, sleeves and tension bands, drum maintenance components and more. From our unique XHR line of diameter adjustable BT Drums and adaptive T-Rings to our gearless Patriot carcass drums and durable polyurethane maintenance products we have redefined expectations at the plant level and in the board room.

Marked improvements in tire quality, harmonics, cycle times and operational durability have been proven out in client test results and observed service life in tire plants all over the world. The biggest names in the tire industry trust BPS Engineering to deliver. Our signature line of diameter adjustable XRH belt and tread drums and matching XHR T-rings (O-rings) are widely regarded as the industry standard for quality, efficiency and ROI and are backed by several US patents.

Our tire tooling products are designed, produced and sold in the USA with more than 90% of the components manufactured in-house. The quality, longevity and reliability of our products reflect this dedication to keeping the work at home.

BPS Engineering also offers rebuild and replacement services for all drums, T-Rings, DR shafts, quills and hard components regardless of brand or age.  We house a comprehensive knowledge-base of drawings and designs covering a wide variety of existing tire tooling components.

BPS Engineering is housed on ten acres in the Knoxville area of Tennessee in a new, modern manufacturing facility featuring a 10,000 square foot climate-controlled machining center, on-site offices and a staff of hard working professional machinists, engineers, sales and support staff.

For larger projects, weldments and fabrication work we also have an 85,000 square foot fabrication facility with high capacity overhead cranes, welding, fabrication and assembly capabilities.

The world’s tire manufacturers come to us for innovation. Ask us how we can help your operation make more high-quality tires per shift than any other tire tooling company.