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Beginning in 2018 BPS Engineering is proud to be the official agent for Nakata Engineering in the Americas.  For over a century Nakata Engineering has been a pioneering world leader in rubber extrusion systems and rubber processing equipment.  This rich history is the basis for the world’s most advanced extrusion systems, along with ply cutting systems, bead apexing machines and more.

As the official representative of Nakata Engineering, BPS will be performing sales, spare parts support and maintenance support for all Nakata systems, with full project support from their Kobe, Japan based management and engineering staff.  Our staff has been trained on-location in Kobe, Japan and certified by Nakata Engineering on matters of service, maintenance, parts recognition and sales protocol.

Nakata Engineering has been producing state-of-the-art rubber extrusion, cutting and apexing apparatus for over a century.

  • US based sales and parts supply
  • Single head and 2 to 5 head multiplex systems available
  • Static Discharge chimney banding head available on all multi-plex machines
  • Static Discharge chimney banding head available for retrofit to existing Nakata machines as well as other brands of extruder
  • Horizontally opposed and vertical extrusion machines available
  • Ply cutting machines available in sheer or roller cutting variants
  • Jointless bead apexing machines available
  • Serving the tire and rubber extrusion market for over 100 years
  • On-site support available from US and Japan based staff

Nakata Extrusion, Rubber Cutting, Processing and Apexing Systems:

  • Single Head and Multiplex Extruder Machines with up to 5-Head Extrusion
  • Nakata’s innovative Chimney Head extrusion platform for static discharge band insertion
  • Continuous circumference Bead Apexing Machines
  • Ply-cutting Systems in sheer and roller variants

Cold Feed

  • No preheating required
  • Wide variety of screw specifications available
  • Manual or automatic feed
  • Temperature control system with cylinder temp maintenance at +/- 1° C
  • Uniform plasticity maintained throughout cycle

Vent Type

  • Cold or warm feed
  • Bespoke screw with vacuum pump evacuation removes air pockets
  • Quick screw replacement
  • Minimization of moving parts for easy, cost effective maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Temperature control system with cylinder temp maintenance at +/- 1° C

Pin Type

  • Most popular extrusion machine type
  • 60-100 mixing pins provide best mixing and uniformity
  • 20-60% higher output rate than comparable cold feed system
  • Low material temperature requirement
  • Low energy consumption
  • Self-cleaning system is very low maintenance
  • Pins replaceable from cylinder exterior

Single and Multi-Head Extrusion:

Nakata Engineering offers single head and multiplex systems incorporating up to five extrusion heads including their innovative Chimney Band static discharge head for silica compound extrusion.  Single head and duplex systems are configured vertically, while triplex and quadraplex machines can be ordered in vertical or horizontally opposed configurations.   As the names imply, duplex, triplex and quadraplex machines handle 2, 3 and 4 compounds respectively in the same extrusion.

The Nakata Quintuplex extruder can handle up to five different compounds in a single extrusion including the Chimney Band static discharge head for silica compounds.

All Nakata Extrusion machines are engineered to the highest standards with customer requirements in mind.  Nakata machines feature:

  • Heavy Duty Clamping System – Developed exclusively by Nakata for stable high pressure extrusion this system features a stronger head clamp with a large hydraulic cylinder actuating a wedge style locking mechanism in multiple configurations.
  • Quick Changeover – Final die swap over is accomplished with the pre-former still clamped for one-minute changeover and prevention of rubber leakage between the head and tool.
  • Durable, Reliable Feed Roll – Nakata exclusive design prevents rubber leakage and ensures longer life and stable feed. Integrated or dual drives available per customer needs.
  • Hybrid Hydraulic Unit – Work environment friendly hydraulic unit reduces noise below 70dB while consuming less energy and incorporating a smaller fluid tank than conventional hydraulic units.
  • Compact TCUs – Powerful control units are size efficient and are available with local mounting on base plate on some machines for quick set-up and minimal footprint.

BPS Engineering will house common spare parts for all Nakata systems and machines in our Greenback, Tennessee, USA facility for quick, accurate delivery.  We will also coordinate sales and shipment of less common parts direct from Nakata, Japan.  Call us for all of your Nakata Engineering spare parts needs for North, South and Central American facilities.

BPS Engineering offers factory quality on-site and off-site support for all existing Nakata systems.  When required we also have access to Japan based engineers and support staff.  Together, BPS Engineering and Nakata Engineering will help you keep your extrusion lines and other Nakata systems running at peak efficiency.

Nakata Engineering offers extrusion systems with complementary integrated machines to produce integrated lines for the following applications:

  • Twin Screw Roller Head Extruders (Under Banbury)
  • Bead Manufacturing Lines
  • Bead Filler and Flippering Machines
  • Jointless Bandage Tape Production Systems
  • Tread Skivers
  • Tread Auto Booking Systems

Nakata Engineering offers a wide variety of rubber process and ancillary equipment including:

  • Non-grip Bead Winding Lines
  • Seamless Bead Apexing Machines
  • Single Wire Bead Lines
  • JLB Production System – For jointless Nylon, Rayon, Kevlar or steel bandage tape. Cost effective, flexible system for high performance tire construction.
  • Extrusion Conveyor Lines
  • Tread, Sidewall and Mixing Lines
  • Steel and Textile Topping Systems –
  • Auto Splicing Steel Breaker Cutter – Up to 15 cuts per minute, exclusive design
  • High Speed Tread Skivers – 50% higher speed than conventional units

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