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Polyurethane Products

BPS Engineering manufactures a wide range of standard and customer spec polyurethane products for your maintenance and improvement needs, including solid rollers, crush rollers, calendaring spiders, tension bands and expansion sleeves.

  • Built to customer size, durometer and crush specifications
  • Wide variety of sizes and specs available
  • Color coding for easy maintenance
  • Stackable for variable crush across shaft surface
  • Low adhesion formulas available to prevent material lifting
  • Pre-washed and ready for installation
  • Unique geometry insures smooth, consistent calendaring
  • Available in several diameters
  • Durable molded construction
  • Compatible with existing shafts or can be ordered with new shafts
  • Straight shafts with no bow necessary
  • Can be retro-fit to all existing systems
  • New design provides 30,000+ cycle durability
  • Full inflation at 60-65psi
  • Low adhesion formula for decreased package adhesion and lift
  • Compatible with existing shaping drums
  • Highly durable seamless continuous bands
  • Available in several tensions and sizes
  • Replace existing bands or dangerous older tension springs
  • Very cost efficient

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