Polyurethane Roller Shafts

BPS Engineering can replace your existing disposable rubber laminated roller shafts with brand new polyurethane roller shafts at a fraction of the cost of re-lamination or replacement of existing shafts.

  • Lower initial cost than re-lamination
  • New shaft spec matched to existing shaft
  • Serviceability – Stackable rollers can be replaced on-site when needed at a fraction of the cost of re-lamination. Affordable spares make stocking rebuild and alternative duro rollers a budgetary win. Service generally takes less than 15 minutes
  • Reduced Downtime – Fast, affordable on-site roller replacement cuts downtime to hours instead of weeks
  • Variable Duro – Stackable rollers can be “tuned” for profile treatment by using rollers of various hardness, crush and design across the width of the shaft
  • Adjustable – Rollers can be easily swapped out for alternative duro and crush to handle changing needs.
  • Fast ROI – These roller shafts pay for themselves in less than one re-lamination cycle
  • All sizes of shaft and roller available as build to print or scratch design

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