BPS Engineering Introduces New Patriot First Stage Carcass Drum Program

BPS Engineering, in conjunction with their strategic business partners, has introduced their new line of Patriot first stage carcass drums for the tire building industry.

The new Patriot drums feature gearless actuation which significantly increases collapse ratios and a robust pillar system that extends service life, improves stability and reduces weight by 15-20% over existing carcass drums. This weight reduction makes the drums safer to handle and reduces stress on the tire building machine while providing more energy efficiency.

Other unique features include sealed lubrication, which completely segregates lubricant from the package, a four poppet expansion locking system and a completely rigid steel bearing system with hook style door stabilizers that improve rigidity in operation and measurably increase uniformity and service life. TIR at delivery is half the industry standard, minimizing set-up and operational lead time after delivery.

Patriot first stage drums are available with uniquely designed Surelock™ spacers, low profile gap shields or can be built to work with existing spacers. These drums are fully compatible with all existing tire building machines with bead sizes ranging from 12” to 64”, with beadset built to spec.

This simplistic, robust light-weight design offers a price advantage of competitive REC drums as well as demonstrably shorter ROI.

BPS Engineering is currently taking orders for Patriot drums for passenger, light truck, OTR, AG and specialty tire manufacturing and offers full parts support for your internal maintenance program. They also offer maintenance and rebuild services on all Patriot drums.

BPS Engineering is a Greenback, Tennessee based manufacturer of unique tire building solutions and advanced technology for the global tire manufacturing industry, including BT and Carcass drums, transfer rings, polyurethane maintenance products and tire tooling rebuild parts and services.