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Drum & Transfer Ring Rebuilding

BPS Engineering offers a comprehensive service, maintenance and rebuilding program for all first stage, second stage and shaping drums as well as existing T-Rings from modern equipment to tooling dating back to the birth of the tire industry.  Cost of our services is often less than in-house or local contractor programs and offers pre-ship testing of all functionality.  We often receive tooling on a one dollar PO for testing, diagnosis and assessment.  We will always suggest the services required to completely renew equipment and will only proceed when approved.  Service contracts for planned maintenance available or we as failures and degradation occur.

We offer:

  • Complete drum rebuild on all existing drums and T-Rings (O-Rings)
  • New drum bodies and shells when required
  • New T-Ring shoes and links when required
  • Upgrades for various known failure points
  • Alignment and live testing of all serviced components
  • Ready-to-run machinery upon return
  • Familiarity with all existing drum designs and concepts
  • In-house component fabrication for ultimate quality control and short delivery times
  • Vast database of prints and drawings for wide variety of drum types
  • Accurate estimates and realistic delivery projections
  • Staff assembly technicians with decades of drum building experience
  • Full static and operational testing of rebuilt unit before delivery
  • Secure document storage for future projects on your like design drums
  • Re-design, upgrade and technological improvements available on request

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Sales: (865) 856-7301

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